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I'm trying to work out how I want to structure this query and am having a bit of difficulty.

Basically, I am trying to get a count of the most used ids in a row where the ids represent objects in another table , except the id can occur in 2 columns.

When I was just dong it for one column, this query worked fine:

SELECT rb_1,
       Count(*) AS num
FROM   ci_lineups
GROUP  BY rb_1

But now I'll be wanting to do a similar thing, except check a column called rb_2 as well which can have all the id's rb_1 will have.

When I try to group by the 2 columns it just considers the groups as combinations of the two columns.

I can write a quick script in PHP to combine and sort the counts if I use my first query twice, once on each column, but I'm thinking there's probably a way to do this with MySQL.

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The following query should do what you want:

SELECT field, sum(cnt)
  SELECT rb_1 as field, count(*) as cnt
  FROM ci_lineups
  GROUP BY rb_1
  SELECT rb_2 as field, count(*) as cnt
  FROM ci_lineups
  GROUP BY rb_2
GROUP BY field
ORDER BY sum(cnt) DESC
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it throws a "Every derived table must have its own alias" error as written, so I just assigned an arbitrary AS table_name_here after the parentheses part and it works fine. thanks. –  Rooster Aug 20 '12 at 19:19

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