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How do I iterate over a set of records in RPG(LE) with embedded SQL?

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Usually I'll create a cursor and fetch each record.

   // Main - Main Processing Routine
   begsr Main;

     exsr BldSqlStmt;

     if OpenSqlCursor() = SQL_SUCCESS;

       dow FetchNextRow() = SQL_SUCCESS;
         exsr ProcessRow;

       if sqlStt = SQL_NO_MORE_ROWS;



   endsr;    // Main 

I have added more detail to this answer in a post on my website.

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As Mike said, iterating over a cursor is the best solution. I would add to give slightly better performance, you might might want to fetch into an array to process in blocks rather than one record at a time.


  EXEC SQL                                                          
  OPEN order_history;                                             

  // Set the length                                                 
  len = %elem(results);                                             

  // Loop through all the results                                   
  dow (SqlState = Sql_Success);                                     
    EXEC SQL                                                        
      FETCH FROM order_history FOR :len ROWS INTO :results;         
    if (SQLER3 <> *zeros);                                                 
      for i = 1 to SQLER3 by 1;        
        // Load the output             
        eval-corr output = results(i); 
        // Do something 

HTH, James R. Perkins

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I like this... I haven't done that before. I'll have to try it on large recordsets. –  Mike Wills Dec 22 '11 at 4:42

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