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So i have 2 tables in each row, i used this to get the avg time in minutes.

SELECT Sec_to_time (Avg (Timestampdiff (second, `survival`, `lastupdate`)))
FROM   main

But i want to get the hours, minutes, and seconds alone so i can echo them in php.

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You can use the MySQL HOUR(), MINUTE() and SECOND() functions to break the time returned from SEC_TO_TIME into its components.

To avoid having to repeat yourself, you can wrap the calculation:

SELECT HOUR(x.timeDiff), MINUTE(x.timeDiff), SECOND(x.timeDiff) 
    SELECT Sec_to_time(Avg (Timestampdiff (second, `survival`, `lastupdate`))) as timeDiff
    FROM main
  ) AS x

SqlFiddle Here

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Thank you, that works perfectly. But how would i echo out each hour, minute, and second? – blaize9 Aug 20 '12 at 18:01

There are hour(), minute() and second() functions in MySql.

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select concat(HOUR(Sec_to_time(Avg (Timestampdiff (second, login_datetime, logout_datetime)))),
  'hr ',
  MINUTE(Sec_to_time(Avg (Timestampdiff (second, login_datetime, logout_datetime)))),
  'min ',
  SECOND(Sec_to_time(Avg (Timestampdiff (second, login_datetime, logout_datetime)))), 
  'sec ') 
as his_time from table_name; 
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