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I am testing CSRF on one website. The website prevents CSRF by checking the referrer field. Now I have created an HTML page which sends the request. How can I add the referrer field to that request using JavaScript or any other method?

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Using the referrer field to prevent CSRF does not actually prevent CSRF. In fact, if you expect an answer to your own question it should be clear to you that such a mechanism is worthless. – Pointy Aug 20 '12 at 17:52
@Pointy Having thought this over, I think the question is simply: is this secure? if not, how can it be broken? – Jason Orendorff Aug 23 '12 at 2:18

A web page shouldn’t be able to add a Referer header to a request using JavaScript. However, according to Wikipedia, there are still some problems with relying on the Referer header:

  • Some proxies automatically strip out the Referer header. So it’s not always there.

  • A web page “can suppress the Referer header by issuing requests from FTP or HTTPS URLs.”

  • “[O]ld versions of Flash (before 9.0.18) allow malicious Flash to generate GET or POST requests with arbitrary HTTP request headers using CRLF Injection.”

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