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I am adding a gridview in my application where grid is bound to list of documents retrived using a webservice. If document is not downloaded then I need to show download button otherwise show view & delete button. This needs to be done at the time of gridview is being launched. How can I do it?

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It's hard to tell what you're having trouble with. Try posting your code. –  mydogisbox Aug 20 '12 at 18:04
I will try to post code Here are more Details about the query. Either I have to show Download button or View button based on condition whether document is available. I don't know where I need to put the code to show\hide the controls. –  user976508 Aug 21 '12 at 6:21

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Add a Visibility property binding and specify to - opposite-way converters. So if you have a Boolean property you want to base your visibility logic on, have two converters: BoolToVisibilityConverter and FalsoBoolToVisibilityConverter. Then place your both controls in one grid, and bind the visibility property of each to the same Boolean value with different converters. This will ensure, that for each value of the Boolean parameter, only one object will be shown. Here is how the xaml will look like:

  <Panel Visibility="{Binding Path=boolProperty, Converter={StaticResource trueToVisibleConverter}}">
    <!-- Here comes the gridview content -->

  <Panel Visibility="{Binding Path=boolProperty, Converter={StaticResource falseToVisibleConverter}}">
    <!-- Here comes the Download button -->

And both panels there are bound to the same boolProperty, which is showing, whether the conent downloaded or not.

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I did not get you, Would it be possible to post some code to make this more clear? –  user976508 Aug 21 '12 at 6:20

Try using the Visibility property.

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