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I have a several divs connected to one another using the endpoint connections to one another. As I do a zoom in or zoom out, I need to repaint all the UI components. The UI components are drawn using the jsPlumb library(jquery/javascript based). There is a method in jsplumb which forces the repaint but it is not working as the way I want it to do. Here it is what I am trying to do.

    $("div#explanation .plus").click(function(){
            var strongFont = parseFloat($("div.window strong").css('font-size'));
            var newStrongFont = strongFont + 2;
            $("div.window ").animate({
                    'height':'+=20px', 'width':'+=20px'

            $("div.window strong").animate({

    //This is not working       
            //I am calling here another function to repaint the div windows one by one

        var repaintWindows = function(){
            var jjl;
                var windo = "window"+jjl;
                //alert("Window is ::"+windo);

                alert("Window is ::"+windo);
                //_addEndpoints(wind, ["LeftMiddle", "BottomCenter"], ["TopCenter", "RightMiddle"]);
            alert("the value of jjl is ::"+jjl+" \nThe value of xmlLength is::"+xmlLength);

The problem here is if I remove the

        //alert("Window is ::"+windo);

from the repaintWindows method for loop, the windows get repainted during the next cycle of call. I want the repaint to work at the same time. If I keep the alert, then it does repaint the window at the same time. As well, at the end I dont want any kind of alert over there. Can somebody please tell me where am I going wrong. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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I got this done. Thanks! – unix_user Aug 20 '12 at 23:22

not sure, but try this one

 $(window).resize(function() {
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