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I have a problem: I want set UI of my Visual Studio 2012 in default (English) language, but also I want that IntelliSense hints about .NET types are displayed in another language. In Visual Studio 2010 it was a very simple.

I installed before localized version, after - English version, after going in to the location

Tools -> Options -> Environment -> International Settings.

There was displayed two languages: local and english. I set language on Englist, restarting Visual Studio, and get what I wanted.

In Visual Studio 2012 this method is not working. I can only install language package. It change all in Visual Studio - UI, Intellisense hints, .NET Framework errors messages, e.t.c. How to set Visual Studio UI in English and Intellisense hints and .NET Framework errors messages in another language?

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Microsoft offers this article to change UI and etc of VS 2012.

I just did all stuff from Spanish to English and I get English UI including hints and etc,

Try it. It works for me.

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Thanks for your answer! But this method will change localization for all elements in VS UI. I want that all in UI to use English localization, but IntelliSence hints use my (not English) localization simultaneously. – probity Dec 12 '12 at 6:54

If you are using Visual Studio 2012 Express, you must go to Tools > Options > International Settings> right you must select your language, if not, you can clic on the link "get additional languages​​"

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The International Settings in the VS options only seem to change the UI language, but not the IntelliSense hints.

I can't pin down any more what exactly fixed it, but I uninstalled all (in my case German) language packs from the Windows control panel that seemed to be related to the .NET framework and Visual Studio (including the ones for Office Development and the .NET Framework Targeting Pack Language Packs). After a restart of VS, the IntelliSense hints were finally in English.

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