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I wanted to have a variable in my controller that is accessible in my model. For instance,

<?php class MyController extends AppController{
   function myFunction(){
      // codes here
      myvariable = "anything";

and in my model,

<?php class myModel extends AppModel
 function myModelFunction(){
  // here i will use my variable to check on something.
 if(myVariable != 0){ // myVariable here is from the controller
   // do something here


Now, is my code possible, I mean is it possible accessing a variable from my controller then use it on my model for checking or something else? Thanks.

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Yes, pass it as an arg to your model method.

// controller
function myFunction(){
    // codes here
    $myvariable = "anything";

// model
function myModelFunction($myVariable) {
    // $myVariable will have the value of "anything"
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thanks..i'll try this one out..:) – Tsukimoto Mitsumasa Aug 20 '12 at 18:38

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