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What's the correct way to add

<div class="GFPVJEUDHL GFPVJEUDHEB badge-for-user"></div>

to a GWT InlineHyperlink object?


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new InlineHyperlink(new SafeHtml("<div class="GFPVJEUDHL GFPVJEUDHEB badge-for-user"></div>"))

But, GFPVJEUDHL GFPVJEUDHEB seems to be obfuscated CSS-Classes.

Waht do you really want to do? Wrap a link arround a widget?

API-Docs: GWT 2.4

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Currently I have a <div class = "avatar">, which has 2 children, the div class I listed and <img class="gwt-InlineHyperlink" ... I would like to make the first child become a child of the second child. The first child shows an image that hides the second - that's my problem –  Kevin Meredith Aug 20 '12 at 19:54

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