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How can I open a file contained within the project by specifying only the filename? I'm looking for the equivalent of "Open Type" (Shift-Control-T) but for a (non-Java) file? In other words, I know the filename but not the exact path. IntelliJ has this feature - Go To File.

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You can do "Open resource" and the shortcut is CTRL + SHIFT + R.

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Yep. This also supports wildcards, which is very useful. –  smcg Aug 20 '12 at 18:48

I needed a bit more out of the default Resource search that comes with Eclipse. I had been using GotoFile plugin (1 or 2) with a lot of success till some time back.

The best part of it is fuzzy-search. Thus for example if you had to search for struts-config.xml you could type in strc or sr-c etc. This was a huge time saver for me. With the default Open Resource you must do one of the following (As an example, searching for struts-config.xml using Open Resource):

  1. Type the characters in sequence : struts
  2. If you wanted to leave out a few characters in between to simulate a poor man's fuzzy search, you would type : st*config
  3. Some types (Java classes) support Camel Case search. Thus to search for MyClass.java, you could type MC

With the plugin however, the fuzzy search takes out the tediousness of searching. I have found it incredibly useful but am not sure whether it still works on Indigo. The last I used it on was Eclipse Helios. I'll report back about how well it works in Indigo SR2.


It seems I could not get the GotoFile plugin to work from the update site. So I went old-school on it and tried copying the plugin directly to the eclipse/plugins folder. That worked for both 64-bit and 32-bit Eclipse Indigo SR2 as the following snapshots show :

Eclipse 3.7.2 - 32-bit (Inside Ubuntu in a Parallels VM). enter image description here

Eclipse 3.7.2 - 64-bit (In OSX Snow Leopard)

enter image description here

The Good Stuff - Fuzzy search

Searching for a file called user_helper.rb using the fuzzy search term ushlrb :

enter image description here

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