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I want to post a message to facebook from Corona SDK application,but it all the time fails to login. My steps:

1. I have generated key for my Android app: app name is "myapp.APK", package name is com.myapp (
2. I have selected "Native Android App" in facebook and filled in folowing: 
"Android Package Name": com.myapp
"Android Class Name": com.myapp.activity
"Android Key Hash": key hash which I have generated in step 1.
"Configured for Android SSO": Enabled

My mobile app is exact copy from: P.S. I have entered valid App ID and App Secret. But still getting Login failed :((

Did I miss something? Don`t know what to do...

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I have found what was wrong. The problem was, that for some reason Android App Hash was not matching the key in Facebook Android App Hash field, therefore I was receivind error:" Your key does not match allowed keys in application settings" SOLUTION: I have changed the hash in Facebook to the hash key, which was in error message. Now it works fine.

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