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Possible Duplicate:
Excel VBA Double Addition Error

I have a very simple VBA macro in Excel that calculates the difference between two numbers. When I try to calculate the difference between 0.7 and 0.65 it returns 4.99999999999999E-02. Why?

Here's my function:

Public Function Diff(x As Double, y As Double) As Double
    Diff = x - y
    Debug.Print Diff
End Function 

Here's what I see in the 'Immediate' window:


To replicate this 'bug' you can type "?0.7-0.65" in the Immediate window and see what you get in return.

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Looks like a duplicate of this – Gaffi Aug 20 '12 at 19:23
This may be helpful : – Ajit Aug 20 '12 at 19:27
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Floating point representations are only approximations - it is not possible to store arbitrary decimal fractions in binary. Google for "floating point error" for some background and examples, or see wikipedia article on Floating Point

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