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Is it possible to set a session variable with a link_to? I don't want to set a parameter, because I have a couple redirects and it gets wiped away.

i.e. I want to set a session variable "modelid" to "you" with a link.

I want to set a session variable while the FB login oauth runs...

<%= link_to "New Post", "#", {:class => "btn btn-primary btn-large inline pull-left", :onclick => "FB.login(function(response){},{perms:'email, publish_stream, user_photos'});" } %>
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You can create an action in one of your controllers that sets this session variable and then call it with an AJAX request.


post "/myroute", :to=>"some_controller#set_my_session_var"

some_view.html.erb (jquery example):



def set_my_session_var
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perfect. this worked great. thank you. –  user749798 Aug 21 '12 at 0:53
I am setting session variable in a controller's method and trying to access same variable in another controller. But its showing me value nil!!! I have checked that value was setup in the variable while setting up –  RAJ ... Nov 26 '12 at 18:33

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