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This seems like a straightforward question, but I can't find it in the Restfulie documentation nor is Google coming up with an example.

I've got a Resource defined, the method is getting invoked, but I need to get to the query parameters on the URL that was used, which presumably means getting to the HttpRequest. Anyone know how you do that with Restfulie?

public class Subscribers

    private final Result result;

    public Subscribers(Result result ){
        this.result = result;

    public void get() {

        // Need to get at the query parameters here...

        result.use( json() ).from( "You got me" ).serialize();
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Try this way

public void get(@QueryParam("name") String name) {


your have to append the keys and values to the request URL. also you need to encode the values. http://mydomain/subscribers?name=abcde

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Thanks, that works. I was really hoping to get to a Map of some sort. My REST url can have a bunch of potential parameters, so the list of arguments to my get() method is going to be quite long... :( Ah well. – Chris Kessel Aug 21 '12 at 16:10

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