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I am planning to potray my coding skills and for that i have pushed some of my code into a remote repo at BitBucket. The problem i am facing is that that i have my code in different workspace for example eclipse java ,dr-java java, drupal and salesforce. The way i am doing it now is to

 git init

in each of these folders and pushing my changes to the remote repo. My question is:

Is this the correct way to do things or is there any better ideas for this sort of situation. I ask of a better idea because with this implementation i cannot push my changes without pulling first which means my one piece of code sits in all the four workspaces where three of them are totally unnecessary.


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I believe, you have 4 different codes with you, assuming not related to each other. If this is the case, you should go for 4 different repos rather than pushing all the code in once repo, making the code much bigger and difficult to manage.

You can also try GIT HUB to host your code.

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Clone your bitbucket repo and then copy all the folders which aren't part of that code base?

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