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I have a simple Java applet with several text fields for input. I would like to be able to somehow cache what the user enters into these fields so that next time they run the applet, they can make a selection from a list of previous inputs.

I have been searching forums and sites and cannot find any way to do this for applets.

Does anyone have a suggestion or a kick in the right direction?

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If you're running this in a browser, you could try using cookies.

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As well as cookies, here are a few more possibilities.

  • HTML5 offers Web Storage which can be accessed from the applet using JS.
  • An applet running in a Plug-In 2 JRE can be deployed using JWS and use the PersistenceService to store data. Here is a demo. of the PersistenceService.
  • A trusted applet can read/write the local file-system, but probably overkill for this.
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I tried using CookieManager and Cookie Handler but they do not seem to add my cookies to the browser for later use. I am most likely using them wrong or missing something. CookieManager manager = new CookieManager(); CookieHandler.setDefault(manager); CookieStore cookieJar = manager.getCookieStore(); URL url = new URL("http://"+this.host); HttpCookie ck = new HttpCookie("name", "value"); cookieJar.add(url.toURI(), ck); –  user1316160 Aug 23 '12 at 19:04
1) Ask @Valkyrio re. the cookies. I never use them. 2) Put code as an edit to the question, and use code formatting to make it readable. –  Andrew Thompson Aug 23 '12 at 23:25

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