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I am using openpyxl to read excel file.

For my application, i need to read the background color of the cell in the xlsx file But i cant find how to load those color info.

I tried to use cell.style.fill.color.index, but it only return FFFFFFFF as background which is not correct to the file i read.

Does openpyxl support reading color format?

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Did you mean start_color instead of color? I don't believe that the Fill object has a color attribute. –  David Aug 22 '12 at 21:37
The author of openpyxl, responded to a similar question, back in April. Quote: "Openpyxl is still in development, and styles are not yet completely implemented, thus you can encounter some issues here and there." –  David Aug 22 '12 at 21:39

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I experimented with this and noticed that if I set the background color via openpyxl like this:

_cell.style.fill.fill_type = Fill.FILL_SOLID
_cell.style.fill.start_color.index = Color.DARKGREEN

then retrieve the value like this:


then I get the correct response:


However, if I set the background color in Excel and save the file, then access it via openpyxl, then I get the same thing you did:


So, the upshot seems to be that opepyxl styles are still unreliable. See my comment, under the question, with a link to the comment from the author of openpyxl.

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