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I have a collection of strings (bunch of HTML elements) all ending with a carriage return(cr) and a linefeed(lf). Each line in the collection looks like

<div>Some text</div>crlf

When I send this collection to a file I have an extra crlf between each line. Both of these produce an extra crlf in the text file

$lines > tmp.txt
$lines -join "`r`n" > tmp.txt

The file looks like

<div>Some text</div>crlf
<div>Some more text</div>crlf

If I use -join "" I end up with no line breaks at all.

How do I get just one line bread per array member?

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Either of these should work

$lines |%{$_.TrimEnd()} > tmp.txt
$lines -replace '\r\n$', '' > tmp.txt
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sorry, both produce an extra CRLF. the -replace doesn't seem to do anything. If I use '\n', 'xxx'. out put doesn't change –  Pablo Aug 20 '12 at 20:46

Comments can't format the escape character so I'll answer it here. This works:

$lines -join "`r`n" -replace "`r`n`r`n", "`r`n" > tmp.txt
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