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i'm creating a simple document manager for a dummy Project

for now i have Insert and Update methods

public ObjectId Insert(T model)


    return model.Id;

public void Update(T model)
    var query = Query.EQ("_id", model.Id);

    var bson = model.ToBsonDocument();

    var update = new UpdateDocument
        { "$set" , bson }
    _collection.Update(query, update);

this is a proper way to doing this?. I'm newbie with mongo and mongocsharpdriver. i'm having problems saving properties like List<>

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The easiest way to save a document back to the database is to use the Save method:


This does result in the entire document being sent to the server, so if you know that only a few fields are changing you can use Update.Set to change just those fields.

See online documentation at:

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thanks for that – rkmax Aug 21 '12 at 13:50

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