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This one is braking my head . Moving old articles rating for client from old DB to new DB where the only reference between them is first word which is separated by dash in article title. I am able to pull the info I need by using SELECT but I cant figure out how to use the result to update the new table

table that needs to be updated

SET  newDB.newtable.rating.rating_count = oldvotes

the select that gives me the info on oldvotes

    oldvotes.votes AS oldvotes, old.title AS oldtitle,newtable.news_items.title as newtitle, AS newID
    oldDB.news_items AS old
     oldDB.news_items.rating_count AS oldvotes 
     oldvotes.article_id =
      (  '%', SUBSTRING_INDEX( old.title,  '- ', 1 ) ,  '%' ) 

any help is appreciated!

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If I understand correctly, you have in old.title something like thisisauniquekey-september-2012, and in news_items.title the value 'thisisauniquekey-somethingelse'.

You could select a key (a faster key than the title) and the oldvotes into a temporary table, say, oldratings, using the same query you run now:

SELECT news_items.keytobeusedonnewtable AS keyforrating, oldvotes.votes as oldvotes FROM etc.

Then you can run the update using oldratings:

UPDATE newDB.newtable.rating SET rating_value = oldvotes FROM
newDB.newtable.rating JOIN oldratings
    ON rating.keyforrating = oldvotes.keyforrating;
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kinda but I don't know if you noticed, 4 tables are involved , 1. old news items 2. old rating 3. new news items 4. new rating – Benn Aug 20 '12 at 20:54
In the first select, yes, I did notice. But it seems to me that you could extract, from the first SELECT, the information required to locate the row in the table you have to edit, new rating. Since you specified an UPDATE, I believe that you already have the new rating table, and only need to update its values? – lserni Aug 20 '12 at 20:57
More precisely, the you have in your SELECT - that is an ID which is also used in the new ratings, is it not? To link the ratings with the news items? – lserni Aug 20 '12 at 20:59
yes , I have new tables , from rating , il try to explain query I need in words select oldrating from old DB where old rating item id = old rating table article_id , Update new rating table row rating_count with old rating, where , newdb article title contains part of the title from olddb article title. I know is confusing – Benn Aug 20 '12 at 21:02
But the query which 'extracts all information' could extract the wanted rating and the news_item id, could it not? If it does, and that ID is good for the new rating table, why shouldn't it work? – lserni Aug 20 '12 at 21:04

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