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In my Controller I need to create annotation route and it must be the same of this :

I have tried this but it's not working

 * @Route("/getservice",defaults={"from" = "","to" = ""})
 * @Route("/getservice?from={from}&to={to}")
 * @Template()

Any ideas ?

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Just create a route for the getservice part and get the parameters from the GET request

 * @Route("/getservice")
 * @Template()
public function getServiceAction (Request $request) {

    $from = $request->query->get('from');
    $to = $request->query->get('to');
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Thank you! it's all I need –  sadoknet Aug 21 '12 at 8:25

You could also do something like this

 * @Route("/getservice/{from}/{to}")
 * @Template()
public function getServiceAction($from, $to){
  // ...
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