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I have a Microsoft Access form which I use for entering client information:

First name Last name etc..

My problem is when I tab away from the Access Form to view the information which needs to be entered, the focus is lost in access. I need to click the form with the mouse to regain the focus.

This is very annoying!

Any help here?

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AS far as I know, the focus of an access object is lost when you clic anything outside the object... that includes forms.

I can suggest you two ways of tacling this:

  1. Use a control (combo box or list box) inside your form, so you can view the data you need.
  2. Use a "pop up" form: you can create a form with the data you need, and a button inside your main form that opens this "pop up" form. You can specify in VBA if you want your form to open as a pop-up... if I remeber correctly, is something like this:


Hope this helps you

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Check access help for more info about the openform method –  Barranka Aug 20 '12 at 22:22

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