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I was trying to make some kind of help system for my application. QTextBrowser and a static HTML file seemed perfect for me. Only thing is that QTextBrowser is not reading alignment correctly - everything is aligned left.

My HTML file is one big borderless table with some rows aligned center, others left or right. I could post the whole file, but there is no point, here is the code for one row with one cell; other cells are just copy/paste.

<tr align="center">
  <td><img src="10.png"></img></td>

That image should be centered, but it's not. Whole page looks good in both Chromium and Firefox, only QTextBrowser is giving me trouble.

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The QTextBrowser widget only has support for limited subset of html/css.

In this particular case, the tr tag has no support for the align attribute, but the td and th tags do (see the table cell attributes section for the complete list).

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Thank you again ekhumoro, will try it ASAP. I checked that link prior to making this question, but I guess I needed a fresh pair of eyes. –  ivica Aug 20 '12 at 22:24

Try looking at it through a QWebView vs. a QTextBrowser. Not all HTML/CSS functionality exists in a QTextBrowser. If it looks right in Chrome, it'll probably look right in the WebKit.

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It would surely work, but wouldn't that be an overkill? Thank you for your answer. –  ivica Aug 20 '12 at 22:23

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