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Is there an existing/standard algorithm for mapping an email address onto a RNAME field of a SOA record (and its inverse)? I'm using the dnspython package but I don't see anything in their source tree to handle this. I ran into the edge case of having a period '.' in the username that needs to be escaped and wondering if there are any other edge cases that I am missing. RFC 1035 simply states:

A <domain-name> which specifies the mailbox of the person responsible for this zone.

None of the RFCs that update 1035 expand upon RNAME field aside from a brief mention in RFC 1183.

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Here is what I came up with using dnspython:

from import from_text

def email_to_rname(email):
    """Convert standard email address into RNAME field for SOA record.

    >>> email_to_rname('')
    <DNS name>
    >>> email_to_rname('')
    <DNS name john\>
    >>> print email_to_rname('')
    >>> print email_to_rname('')

    username, domain = email.split('@', 1)
    username = username.replace('.', '\\.')  # escape . in username
    return from_text('.'.join((username, domain)))

def rname_to_email(rname):
    """Convert SOA record RNAME field into standard email address.

    >>> rname_to_email(from_text(''))
    >>> rname_to_email(from_text('john\\'))
    >>> rname_to_email(email_to_rname(''))
    >>> rname_to_email(email_to_rname(''))

    labels = list(rname)
    username, domain = labels[0], '.'.join(labels[1:]).rstrip('.')
    username = username.replace('\\.', '.')  # unescape . in username
    return '@'.join((username, domain))
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