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I need to connect to a remote database server with PHP to query and return data.

So far, I have tried this:

$connection = mssql_connect('[redacted]:1433\SQLEXPRESS', '[redacted]', '[redacted]');


$connection = mssql_connect('[redacted]', '[redacted]', '[redacted]');

Both result in FALSE, but no error thrown. What am I missing? It doesn't even seem to attempt to connect (fails very quick).

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do you remember who did you solve this ? – Mina Gabriel Nov 16 '13 at 23:23

Usually this isn't so much about the connection code as the setup of the external DB server. First try this: $connection = mssql_connect('[redacted]\SQLEXPRESS', '[redacted]', '[redacted]'); But you are connecting to SQL Express which by default doensn't accept any incoming TCP/IP requests, so if that doesn't work out, you'll need to check the configuration (or if it's truly external, have the DBA check it) and make sure:

  • it's set up to accept TCP/IP requests,
  • that the firewall is allowing that IP and port through, and
  • that the specific IP address your request is coming in on is accepting requests
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