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I have a list of files like so ("File1" "File2" "File3")

I want to turn this into a of radio-menu-items like this

 (menu :text "Lists" :items [(radio-menu-item :text "File 1")(radio-menu-item :text "File 2")(radio-menu-item :text "File 3")])

I have tried looping like this

(def Radios (for [ item '("File1" "File2" "File3")]  (radio-menu-item  :text item)))

but this does not work.

How can this be accomplished?

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your use of a for expression looks correct, if I change the expression slightly so it returns the list it would run instead of running it we can verify this:

core>  (list 'menu :text "Lists" :items  
          (vec (for [ item '("File1" "File2" "File3")]   
                   (list 'radio-menu-item  :text item))))

(menu :text "Lists" :items [(radio-menu-item :text "File1") 
                            (radio-menu-item :text "File2") 
                            (radio-menu-item :text "File3")])

so the finished expression becomes:

core>  (menu :text "Lists" :items  
          (vec (for [ item '("File1" "File2" "File3")]   
                   (radio-menu-item  :text item))))

provided that menu and radio-menu-item resolve to the proper values.

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Wow so simple and I could not get Thanks :) – zeitue Aug 21 '12 at 5:35
and the important thing here is that for is lazy so your original def didn't do anything. The :items property of (menu) will also force the sequence, so vec isn't actually necessary. – Dave Ray Aug 22 '12 at 4:02

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