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I have a user defined external URL that I'd like to turn into a link by using something similar to Django's urlize filter. How might one go about doing that?

I just need something to add in the preceding http:// or whatever if it's lacking.

Unless I missed it, link_to doesn't seem to do that.

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I can see a couple of solutions:

  • create a helper urlize(url) that adds http:// if it's missing
  • override the url getter on your model to add the http://
  • add a before_save callback in your model to add the http:// to the url, thus making sure that you have a valid url in your db

Personally, I just have some validations that check that the url entered is valid. Here, I would use the 3rd option.

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Here's a simple helper method to prepend an http prefix if needed:

def url_with_protocol(url)
  /^http/.match(url) ? url : "http://#{url}"

> url_with_protocol("google.com")
=> "http://google.com"

> url_with_protocol("http://google.com")
=> "http://google.com"

> url_with_protocol("https://google.com")
=> "https://google.com"
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