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i am installing latest version of magento( when i trying magento import csv file it shows an error image does not exist i am using the fallowing steps

1) enter data in products and export in to csv file after that entering the data in to csv file again importing

2) images are placed at media->catalog->product->products i tried with the different image url paths


3)images are also placed at media->import and image url paths


i tried with out image in csv file using 2nd method data will be imported but with image url not able to import the data with images

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The correct folder is media/import. Please double check your .csv image fields that they do not have leading slashes, but a relative to the media/import folder. Example: for the file /media/folder/sample.jpg the correct .csv field entry is sample.jpg, not /sample.jpg. – Jürgen Thelen Aug 20 '12 at 21:23
trying with sample.jpg its not working – SureshKumar Vegesna Aug 20 '12 at 21:43
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I also had the same problem and found this thread for the image to be imported has be /image.jpg without folders.

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A few additions made by my own observations:

  1. When you import products with images to magento make sure, the directory media/catalog/product is empty
  2. Upload your product images to the directory media/import/product/ (create it if necessary)
  3. Ensure that your image-paths in the csv-file have a leading /

upload your file and get your products imported with images.

This solution worked for me, after several others failed.

(Tested on Magento

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