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In my rails application I am trying to use jquery-tokeninput. I have everything working - json response and all - but the script errors out when anything is typed into the tokenized field, complaining:

TypeError: term is undefined    
--> return term.replace(regexp_special_chars, '\\$&');

Both jQuery as well as the tokeninput scripts are loaded. What could cause this?

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It sounds like you might need to specify propertyToSearch. By default, Tokeninput looks for a "name" field, but if you don't have that field in the json response, you need to tell it what to be looking at. For example, if your json looks like this:

  {"id":"1035","title":"Desperate Housewives"},

Then you need to make sure you include this:

$('#tvshow_tokens').tokenInput('/tvshows.json', { propertyToSearch: 'title' });
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You are a Legend! – Gokul Gopala Krishnan Oct 15 '13 at 6:58

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