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Hi Guys I start Mongo remotely on Putty SSH and after mongod, it says "listening for ports" but I can't then leave without shutting down the server. how do I do that?

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On linux, look up the Screen module. There are other alternatives that do the same thing as well. It basically makes a saved session that you can reattach to later -- I use it extensively to run long tests/services that I can reattach to quickly.

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The Starting and Stopping Mongo documentation article explains several options, one of which is using the --fork command line parameter to start mongod as a background process. Additionally, you can look into using service controls provided by your operating system (e.g. Windows services, init.d, upstart).

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You can make a quick Mongo service script in either Windows or Linux.

You can also press CTRL+Z which will basically switch it to a background process. This basically gives you back temrinal (or at least does for me).

I also like "Screen". It is quite powerful and easy to navigate so I would personally give that a try.

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