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I am trying to map an existing db to POCO classes using the fluent API. Everything works fine with one to many and many to many relationships but one to one fails with the gazillions of options I tried.

The sql tables are simple, Agent with AgentID as PK and AdditionalAgentInfo with AdditionalAgentInfoID as PK and a column AgentID. Agent does NOT have an AdditionalAgentInfoID, but I added this in my test db to see if this will solve it with no luck.

All the posts point out to do:

              .HasOptional(u => u.AdditionalAgentInfo)
              .WithRequired(x => x.Agent);
        .HasRequired(u => u.Agent)
        .WithOptional(x => x.AdditionalAgentInfo);

My context loads but Agent.AdditionalAgentInfo is always NULL. Looking into the profiler, the sql tries to join on the wrong column:

FROM [dbo].[AdditionalAgentInfo] AS [Extent1]
WHERE [Extent1].[AdditionalAgentInfoID] = @EntityKeyValue1

it should be :

FROM [dbo].[AdditionalAgentInfo] AS [Extent1]
WHERE [Extent1].[AgentID] = @EntityKeyValue1

So I tried to add Map(x=>x.MapKey("AgentID") but than I get duplicate columns error.

What am I missing ?

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That is because EF supports only shared PK one-to-one mappings. The AdditionalAgentInfo PK should also be a FK to Agent table. Otherwise you have to map it as one-to-many relationship and ignore the many end property.

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