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Consider requirements for a guest list app (for a club):

  1. Guest list as a Google spreadsheet with two columns:

    name: name of guest
    entered: yes, iff guest has entered
  2. Web app for people at the door allows searching for a guest by name, and marking her or him as entered.

  3. People at the door are not allowed to change the guest list, other than marking guests as entered or not (obviously). They should have a password that gives them access only to the app (point 2), but not to the spreadsheet (point 1).

I wonder: Is it possible to write the user interface in Google Docs Script? If so, how do I do authentication with regards to point 3?

Otherwise, of course, I could just write the UI, say in PHP, and have it authenticate against the Google account using OAuth.

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After a good night's sleep, I just had a look at the deployment options. What I want should be possible by setting permissions as follows:

  • Execute as: admin@example.com

  • Allow access to: any member of example.com

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Yes. Thats all you need. –  Zig Mandel May 28 '13 at 21:07

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