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So I am trying to pickle a large dictionary that includes: numpy arrays, other dictionaries, filenames, and simple variables.

But when I boot up a subprocess that will load the data, I'm getting an 'insecure string pickle' error.

If I kill the main process before it calls the subprocess, and I run it manually through command line, it works fine...

The problem may lie with the PIPE-ing with stdout and stderr.

I've tried playing with some protocols for the pickle dump, but to no avail.

Here's a sample from my code:

    dataout = open('Dataout.pickle','wb')
    dictout = { dict of all the values }
    pickle.dump(dictout, dataout)
    for i in xrange(int(self.runs)):
        if self.rerun == 0:
            self.chains.append(subprocess.Popen('python %s'%self.names[i], shell=False,stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.STDOUT,universal_newlines=True))#bufsize=0,

            self.chains.append(subprocess.Popen('python %s'%self.names[i], shell=False,stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.STDOUT, universal_newlines=True))#bufsize=0,

    if self.Gui == 1:
        self.cp = Cust_Progress.ProgRun("Running Chains", [0]*int(self.runs),self.itter)
        while True:
            if not any([True if chain.poll() == None else False for chain in self.chains]):
                print 'broke'
                texts = [ for chain in self.chains]
                print texts[0]
            texts = [chain.stdout.readline() for chain in self.chains]
            print texts[0]
            if texts == None or None in texts:
                texts = [0]*len(self.chains)
        self.cp.UpdateIters(['Generating Plots']*int(self.runs))

And from the subprocess, it fails on:

    inFile = open('Dataout.pickle','rb')
    inputData = pickle.load(inFile)

with the insecure string pickle error. also, my self.cp from the code is a custom progress that I have, which will generate the progress based off the stdout from each of my subprocess'. I have a working version with Threaded classes, but it is dreadfully slow, and a subprocessed version would give me at least 5x (to 9x) the speed if I am running 5 subprocesses at the same time.

Has anyone else had a problem loading a pickle file in a subprocess before? I've had programs that subprocessed and could load a pickle, but never with a PIPE to stdout.


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Rookie mistake...

Wasn't calling:


after the dump.... -_-

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