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I've been developing this app during the last few weeks, which uses a login system based on passport-facebook, and everything was working fine on my dev computer until I decided to test it on nodejitsu.

The error that im getting is:

  • API Error Code: 100 API Error
  • Description: Invalid parameter Error
  • Message: redirect_uri URL is not properly formatted

The redirect_uri is:

Which looks fine to me, so I'm kinda lost.

This was the configuration that i was using on my local machine:

And this is the configuration that I have now:

Does anyone knows what's going on, or what i'm missing here ? Thanks !

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I believe that your Site URL is wrong. Shouldn't it point to

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I tried that too, but it says: Error Site URL must be a URL with a valid domain. –  Ignacio A. Rivas Aug 21 '12 at 17:57

Hasn't nodejitsu dropped its service as it was bought out by GoDaddy :(


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