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i have an application which generates test case results in the form of HTML table. I need to convert this html table data into JUnit XML format for some other usage.

How can I parse each entry in of a table. I have browsed over internet, people are commenting other posts to conver html to xhtml which is xml equivalent but this doesn't suffice my requirement. I want the xml to be based on Junit xsd schema

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You need a two step process. Use an HTML parser to create a DOM. There's lots to choose from in Java

When you've parsed the HTML and got a DOM, you can transform it into the XML form you want, either by hand code, or by using a transformation language like XSLT. Xalan is typically the library you want for performing XSLT transforms in Java.

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thanks I'll work on this n see if it works – user1371033 Aug 20 '12 at 23:14

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