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Looking for a command line code formatter that can be used for bash code. It must be configurable and preferably usable from command line.

I have a big project in bash, which I need to use Q in mind for. So far I am happy with a program written in python by Paul Lutus (a remake of his previous version in Ruby).

See (also cloned here

but I would like to learn any serious alternative to this tool if it exists. Requirements: it should provide robust enough performance and behavior of treating/parsing rather complicated code.

PS I believe full parsing of bash code is generally complicated because there exists no official language grammar (but please correct me if I am wrong about it).

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you can script vim to do: "gg=G" that means "indent all the file"

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Yes, it does seem to be robust enough, so it qualifies. –  Yauhen Yakimovich Nov 23 '12 at 10:50
@YauhenYakimovich Is their to automatically format a file through the bash interpreter? –  William Sep 5 at 5:36

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