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I have a database with a many-to-many relationship. Three of the tables are:


-PlayerPreviousClubs (Lookup Table)


Then I have a form. Below is an extract:

<form action="?<?php htmlout($action); ?>" method="post">

<label for="previousclubs">Previous Clubs: <input type="text" name="previousclubs"
id="previousclubs" value="<?php htmlout($previousclubs); ?>"></label>


I do not know how many previous clubs will be created per profile. It will range from 0 to x.

I could set up say 5 separate fields for previous club entries, but this is kind of messy. There may be too many, there may not be enough and it is not a 'clean' solution.

How do I cater for this functionality in my form?

Thanks for your help.

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I would add a button that triggers some JavaScript that adds another input field, so the user can control how many values can be inserted. By changing the name(s) of the input fields to previousclubs[] you can collect the values as an array, no matter how many values there are. – ACJ Aug 21 '12 at 0:57

enter each previous clubs and separate with comma or semicolon then when you submit use

$previousclubsArray = explode(','$_POST['previousclubs']);// if you used comma to seperate the items

so you have each previous clubs records as elements of the $previousclubArray and you can save in the appropriate table.

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