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I'm having problems linking Jenkins to github. I've generated ssh-public keys then added it to github.

Then I tried to copy the generated private ssh key into the .ssh folder beneath jenkins, but I cannot locate it anywhere on my hard drive.(Mac OS Mountain Lion)

Home directory of Jenkins is /Shared/Jenkins/Home

When I go under cd /var/lib/, the only folder I can see is postfix... Don't get why I don't have Jenkins under /var/lib/

I've installed Jenkins by downloading a .pkg file from the official website.

Any ideas on how to add privated ssh keys into the .ssh folder beneath Jenkins?

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This should help you:

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I already tried editing org.jenkins-ci.plist. I've changed the Jenkins user into admin, which have authority through all the files. – Tinolover Aug 21 '12 at 2:07

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