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I need to write a DOS batch file which conceptually does this:

SET TARGET=c:\Temp\directory name with spaces\
FOR %%C IN (A B C D ) DO (
   copy "Setups\%%C\Release\%%C%Setup.msi"  "%%TARGET%\%%C"
   echo Similar commands ...

Where, for instance,

Setups\A\Release\ASetup.msi would be copied to c:\temp\directory name with spaces\A\ASetup.msi

The problem I'm having is that the command processor parses this very counter-intuitively and doesn't produce the expected (or even a useful) result. Is this possible in a single command file?

(I can do it with an auxilliary batch file - but that seems inelegant)

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call copy "Setups\%%C\Release\%%CSetup.msi" "%TARGET%\%%CSetup.msi"

  1. You had a stray percentage sign in %%C%Setup.msi

  2. Then a double percentage in %%TARGET% - you only need one.

  3. You were missing Setup.msi from the end of the destination filename.

Note: I used call as well, by habit, even though you don't strictly need it in this example.

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Thanks! I thought I'd tried that variation already - obviously I missed something. –  MZB Aug 21 '12 at 1:38

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