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I need a little help I want to check if input matchs with the mask

Mask is this: 12.345.678/9012-34 (

What I've tried till now is this

$string = '12.345.678/9012-34';

if(!preg_match('/^[0-9]{2}.[0-9]{3}.[0-9]{3}/[0-9]{4}-[0-9]{2}$/', $string)) {
     echo 'Doesnt match the mask!';

It didn't work out. Thanks for any help.

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You need to escape the / and . literals you want to match, as you're using the former for the regex delimiter and the . has special meaning in a regex (generally to match all chars except \n).

if(!preg_match('/^\d{2}.\d{3}\.\d{3}\/\d{4}-\d{2}$/', $string)) {
     echo 'Doesnt match the mask!';

I also used \d instead of [0-9] as it's less to read and comprehend and they mean the same thing.

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Thanks a lot, worked within the sec. – vuzzu Aug 21 '12 at 1:54

Here's how I would change it:


1) You can use \d shortcut for digits:


2) Dot (period) is a special character and matches any character, so you need to escape it.


3) Forward slash is your delimiter, so it should be escaped inside; alternatively, use a different delimiter:


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Thank you a lot too. But in each version of yours I've got this error: Unknown modifier '\' – vuzzu Aug 21 '12 at 1:55
@Ghostology It's because I explained it step-by-step :) anything after step 3 works. – Ja͢ck Aug 21 '12 at 1:59

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