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Is there a ready made library/method that serializes an array into a string as follows?

[] #=> ""
["Peter"] #=> "Peter"
["Peter", "Paul"] #=> "Peter and Paul"
["Peter", "Paul", "Mary"] #=> "Peter, Paul, and Mary" (with Oxford comma)
["Peter", "Paul", "Mary"] #=> "Peter, Paul and Mary" (without Oxford comma)

If not, what is the shortest way to do this? I would like it in this form:

class Array
    def conjoin oxford_comma = true
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require 'active_support/core_ext/array/conversions'

["Peter", "Paul", "Mary"].to_sentence
=> "Peter, Paul, and Mary"

or without an oxford comma.

["Peter", "Paul", "Mary"].to_sentence(:last_word_connector => ' and ')
=> "Peter, Paul and Mary" 

Here's more info from apidock

Also note, that if you're using rails, at least, you can control this from a language file using i18n to avoid duplicating, or adding complexity to, this logic.

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