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Using VB 6 and Crystal Report 8.5, how can I hide the last row from each group? Do I need to use a Crystal Report formula? I don't want to display a last row from the each group.

How can I write this formula, and where should I write it?

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Fixed that for you. – Welbog Jul 30 '09 at 11:44
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You can create a group for the field that you want it grouped by and then use the following formula in the suppress formula (x+2) on the details section in the Section Expert.

Below is an example assuming the report is grouped by user.

if OnLastRecord then
    {Test;1.user} <> next({Test;1.user})

The first part will hide the last row since there is no row to compare against and the else part will evaluate each row and compare it with the next row.

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