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when i run this function in my project, i got a FormatException.

but i can run the same LINQ expression in "LinqPad"

  private List<TNews> GetPagedEntities(int pagenum, int pagesize, IQueryable<TNews> query)
            var totalCnt = query.Count();
            int recordsCount = (totalCnt < CONST_QUERY_COUNT) ? totalCnt : CONST_QUERY_COUNT;

            SetPagerValues(pagenum, pagesize, recordsCount);

            var newsRslt = (from m in query
                            orderby m.PnacDT descending
                            select m).Take(recordsCount).Skip(pagenum * pagesize).Take(pagesize).ToList();
            return newsRslt;


what does this exception mean?

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May be your entity model and the database have some difference. It can be a data type mismatch for a column.

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