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A similar question has already been asked for the .NET platform but I am on Debian Linux.

I am trying to find a solution for burning a video DVD directly from a camera attached to a capture card. The card outputs an MPEG-2 stream and I want to write it directly to a DVD disc without creating any intermediate files.

The reason is so that when the recording is finished, the DVD can be very quickly finalized and ejected.

I have been looking at commandline tools like cdrecord and dvdauthor but I don't think they can do this. Any suggestions ?

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As in a data-dvd or videodvd? video dvd might need some work, data dvd however can easily be done by piping the output of mkisofs to growisofs.

man growisofs man mkisofs edit: mkisofs -r /media/cam/ | growisofs -Z /dev/dvd

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I'm trying to get a video DVD to be played in a normal DVD player. I need to convert the MPEG-2 stream into proper DVD VOBs, write them to the disc and then somehow write the index files last. –  Adam Pierce Jul 30 '09 at 7:16

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