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I am trying to create an alfabetic index to quickly search for records in my jqGrid.

So for letter A it is:

                function (e) {
                url: '@Url.Action("Products")',
                data: '_search=true&nd=1345519741915&rows=10&page=1&sidx=ProductID&sord=asc&filters=%7B%22groupOp%22%3A%22AND%22%2C%22rules%22%3A%5B%7B%22field%22%3A%22ProductName%22%2C%22op%22%3A%22bw%22%2C%22data%22%3A%22a%22%7D%5D%7D&searchField=&searchString=&searchOper='

In fiddler it returns the right data.

The only problem is how to get it into the grid?

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probably you are using addJSONData in wrong way, check this link and this link… are you sure you are getting response back as json? – Piyush Sardana Aug 21 '12 at 13:00

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You can use .addJSONData(data); method in your ajax success method.

            url: '@Url.Action("Products")',
            data: '_search=...',
            success: function(data){

See the jqgrid wiki.

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I am getting an error: TypeError: $("#jqgProducts").addJSONData is not a function? – user603007 Aug 21 '12 at 7:02

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