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I want to find the standard deviation:

Minimum = 5
Mean = 24
Maximum = 84

Overall score = 90

I just want to find out my grade by using the standard deviation


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A standard deviation cannot in general be computed from just those values. Also, what does an 'overall score' of 90 mean if the maximum is 84?

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I meant full score –  user1580957 Aug 21 '12 at 4:17

In principle you can make an estimate of standard deviation from the mean/min/max and the number of elements in the sample. The min and max of a sample are, if you assume normality, random variables whose statistics follow from mean/stddev/number of samples. So given the latter, one can compute (after slogging through the math or running a bunch of monte carlo scripts) a confidence interval for the former (like it is 80% probable that the stddev is between 20 and 40 or something like that).

That said, it probably isn't worth doing except in extreme situations.

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