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I tried to make a program that tells you how many words, lines and characters are in a text file, but the function fopen() fails to open the file. I tried both absolute and relative paths to the text file but I get the same output. Can you please tell me what's wrong?

My compiler is gcc version 4.6.3 (Linux)

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#define N 256

void tokenize(const char *filename)
    FILE *f=NULL;
    char line[N],*p;
    unsigned long int ch=0,wd=0,ln=0;
    int t;
        perror("The following error occurred");
        p=strtok(line," ");
            printf("Word number %lu with length %d: %s\n",wd,t,p);
            p=strtok(NULL," ");
    printf("%lu lines, %lu words, %lu characters\n",ln,wd,ch);

int main(void)
    char filename[80];
    size_t slen;
    printf("Enter filename path:\n");
    slen = strlen (filename);
    if ((slen > 0) && (filename[slen-1] == '\n'))
         filename[slen-1] = '\0';
    printf("You have entered the following path: %s\n",filename);
    return 0;


Enter filename path:
You have entered the following path: input.txt

The following error occurred: No such file or directory
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You need to remove the trailing newline character from your string, with something like:

size_t slen = strlen (filename);
if ((slen > 0) && (filename[slen-1] == '\n'))
    filename[slen-1] = '\0';

And, while I applaud your use of fgets for user input (since it can be protected from buffer overflow), there's still a couple of edge cases you haven't considered, such as when the line is too long, or the user flags end of input). See here for a more robust solution.

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filename[slen-1] – paddy Aug 21 '12 at 4:24

You've retained the newline character from the input in your filename. You can see this when you echo the filename in your output: notice the blank line.

You'll need to strip off this newline before you pass it to your function. There are a few ways to do this, here's one:

size_t idx = strlen(filename);
if ((idx > 0) && filename[idx - 1] == '\n')
    filename[idx - 1] = '\0';
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You can declare a function like:

void rmnewline(char *s)
int l=strlen(s);
if(l>0 && s[l-1]=='\n')

and call it before using your char array.

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