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I need to use the getRectSubPix function in my code as part of a process of cropping an rotating a section of my image. This works fine normally with 3 channel images, but as soon as I try to use it with a BGRA or a RGBA mat image it crashes saying to me

OpenCV Error: Unsupported format or combination of formats () in cvGetRectSubPix, file /home/biotracking/Downloads/OpenCV-2.4.2/modules/imgproc/src/samplers.cpp, line 550

my code is basically like this

                cv::cvtColor(polymask, polymask, CV_BGR2BGRA);
                getRectSubPix(polymask, cv::Size(sqrt(biggestdistancesquared)*2,sqrt(biggestdistancesquared)*2), src_center, polymask);

If this function truly didn't work for Mats with alpha channels that seems crazy. Anybody know?

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Another guy nailed the answer to this question in this other question user luhb answered: Open CV using 16 bit signed format not working... Cropping and re-sizing an image

It seems getRectSubPix only work with {src,dst} type of {CV_8U, CV_8U}, {CV_32F, CV_32F} and {CV_8U, CV_32F}.

I dip into the source code and figure that out. There's no specification in the API reference.

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