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In Visual Studio 2010 I can use SendMessage to change the background color of the Solution Explorer just like in this question. Since Visual Studio 2012 uses WPF this method is no longer working for me. I can do this with other windows such as Class View, Data Sources, and Server Explorer but the Solution Explorer doesn't show up in Spy++.

I've looked through the SDK but haven't found anything that will allow me to change the style of this window. Using DTE2 I'm able to get a reference to the Solution Explorer but this looks to be for the hierarchy items only and not the actual tree view control or window pane.

I came across an example showing how to change the text editor colors using the IWpfTextViewCreationListener interface but as the name suggests it only works with the text editor. Is there a way to do the same thing but for other windows such as the Solution Explorer?

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