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resources :mail_settings

My form looks like this

the _form.html.erb
<%= form_tag  '/mail_settings' do %>

<div class="fieldBlock">
 <%= label_tag :name %>  <%= text_field_tag :name%> </div>

<div class="fieldBlock">
 <%= label_tag :id%>  <%= text_field_tag :id%> </div>

<div class="actions fieldBlock">
 <%= submit_tag "Update Settings ", :class => "btn-large btn-success" %>

<% end %>

but I can access individual params like params[:name] without any problem, why is it not working when i try params[:mail_setting] ?

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you mean why it is params[:name] and not params[:mail_setting][:name] ? If so, the reason is that you are using form_tag instead of just a form, and family of *_tag helpers [ i.e. text_field_tag ]. In that case you do not 'bind' form to the model - in general form_tag is much more flexible than form. However, You should be able to do something like

<%= text_field_tag "mail_setting[name]"%>

and you will get params[:mail_setting][:name]

Hope I guessed what you asked about!

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